invertebrate zoology Dictionnary of invertebrate zoology Mary Ann Maggenti, Armand R. Maggenti, Scott Lyell Gardner télécharger
Biological Invasions in Marine Ecosystems_Ecological, Management, and Geographic Perspectives
(Ecological Studies 204) Dr. Gil Rilov, Dr. Jeffrey A. Crooks (auth.), Dr. Gil Rilov, Dr. Jeffrey A. Crooks (eds.)
Gil Rilov, Jeffrey A. Crooks télécharger
tintinnid ciliate biology The Biology and Ecology of Tintinnid Ciliates_ Models for Marine... John R. Dolan, David J.S. Montagnes, Sabine Agatha, D. Wayne Coats, Diane K. Stoecker télécharger
marine geochemistry Marine geochemistry Horst D. Schulz, Matthias Zabel télécharger
toxicology-of-marine-mammals Toxicology of Marine Mammals Joseph G. Vos, Gregory Bossart, Michel Fournier, Thomas O'Shea télécharger
acoustic-fish-reconnaissance Acoustic Fish Reconnaissance I.L. Kalikhman, K. I. Yudanov télécharger
marine environnemental protection Marine environment protection and biodiversity conservation_ the application and future...
In the context of marine environment protection and biodiversity conservation, a number of measures adopted by the International Maritime Organization...
Julian Roberts télécharger
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